Couponing in – STYLE!


As most of you know I really do LOVE coupons! Just for the simple fact that its FREE money! Using coupons is like a game. You have to pratice to get good at it. And believe me you will know when you have WON and you will keep winning 🙂 (which is a great feeling) .

A few simple tips!

Pick one store and learn that store inside and out when it comes to coupons. Make sure to check out that stores coupon policy. For example if you picked Target..

Target takes one target store coupon and one manf. coupon SO TWO coupons one item 🙂

Now if you find this item on Sale or Clearanced more than likely you will not pay much for it. So if you have enough coupons you would then buy as many as you had coupons for. So example being… Dish soap normal price 3.69 … But I found it on sale for 2.69 and I had a 1 dollar off coupon from Target and 1 dollar coupon from the manf. So.. I Bought 4…. And earlier this morning I was out of dishsoap. There was no need to run to the store and pay almost four dollars. I was able to walk downstairs and get a bottle. So in time you save gas and lots of time!

This is just a few of the many tips I share at my classes 🙂 🙂


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