e-mailing companies


If you have attended my coupon classes you know that I encourage e-mailing companies for coupons.. So I will start sharing with you who I e-mail so that you can do the same.


So what should you write?

Always write about something personal.. Such as I love your product my son is currently potty training and we hope to still use pull ups .. His favorite big boy pants is Toy Story one of his favorite shows.. Thanks so much for pretty out a great product… (then in the mail I received a coupon for free pull ups 🙂

Here’s some basics to remember when writing a company.

1. Be specific.

2. Make it personal.

3. Talk about a specific time place or point.

4. Thank them for making the product. Share with them that is makes your life easier

5. Always be polite. Always thank them for their time

6. Be honest! Don’t complain unless you are being honest.

I am challenging you to do a few a day!

These are who I sent e-mails to


Red Gold


Del Monte Vegetables


took me less than 10mins I spend more time than that goofing off on facebook


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