Saving Money on BABIES



It has come to my attention that BABIES are expensive?? Wow who knew? Just kidding anyway.. Let me share just a few ways that I save.. on my Little one!

First off I cloth diaper… savings over time is 2,000 dollars REALLY!!!! I would have never ever ever seen my self cloth diapering.. But I use bumgenis all in ones.. Bought used/ but practically brand new from My investment was a about $250.00 over time.. but that is just for one kiddo and I plan on having more..

Next I MAKE just about everything my son eats! And some people may say I don’t have the time….. I kid you not it takes ten mins.. From start to finish!
1st Buy no salt added and no sugar added can goods
2nd puree up in a blinder, food processor. (I use a magic bullet) LOVE IT!
3rd put all food in ice-cube trays.. put in zip lock freezer bag and freeze
When ya need to feed your kid pop out a cube or two melt real fast in the microwave.. and you have food!
One ice-cube is considering one serving!

OK…. your probably thinking.. I don’t have time for that.. Well I will tell you another way to save money..
make your own wipes..
buy bounty select size paper towels cut in half.. Take one side and put cut side down in a container.. Add two cups of HOT water.. mixed with a squirt of baby oil and baby wash. Pour mixture on the the paper towels. Put a lid on it.. Flip several times. Remove lid.. take out brown cardboard should be really wet by now.. the paper towels will sorta follow the cardboard.. and Magic you.. Have wipes! You can make about 500 wipes for less than three dollars! Or you can buy wash cloths spray with baby bath and wash them with your cloth diapers.. Its up to you!

Another way is YARD SALES.. Goodwill… etc.. Just make sure you wash and sanitize EVERYTHING!

And last but not least! Breastfeed.. and if that is not an option for more reasons than not then NEVER EVER buy formula with out a coupon or Formula check… (formula check? whats that? Request them from the company that you use your formula through… ) Also try and see if an off brand formula works for you most sites let you request samples… We buy members mark from sam’s which is the off brand for enfamil.. and its less than 20 dollars for 3lbs and some oz for formula… and I was able to request a free sample to see if my son liked it or not.. Ok I am done but will add more later and if you have ANY questions about ANY think listed above e-mail me at THANKS for READING!

UPDATE!! This post was from when I had a baby baby.. now my little boy will soon be TWO 😦

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