Walgreens transactions for 10/23


Transaction 1
2 Colgate Advanced TP 4 oz  2 for 6 dollars
Total 6 dollars if you have no coupons or RR. Get back a 4 dollar RR
 (LOOK FOR) Fall Diabetes and You Magazine found near pharmacy usually

(If you find the magazine I listed above your total would only be 4 dollars getting back 4 dollars in RR )

Pay 6 dollars or 4 dollars depending on if you found the magazine .. and get back a 4 RR

Transaction 2
2 Crest Vivid or 3D White TP  2 for 6 dollars
use (2) $1/1 Crest 3D from 9/25 SS or 10/2 PG
use $4 RR from Transaction 1

you need a small filler item I am buying

1 Royal Gelatin @ .59  (Use in ad coupon)

Total 6.59 plus tax if you don’t have coupons.. then hand over your 4 RR from transaction 1 and don’t forget the in ad coupon for  gelatin.

Pay 2.59 and get back a 2 RR for buying the crest

Transaction 3
2 Dentek Flossers for 4 dollars
1 Royal Gelatin for.59
subtotal: $4.59
use (2) .75/1 dentek from 10/23 SS
use in ad Q for royal (takes off $.39)
use $2 RR from Transaction 2
Total should be .70 cents before tax and then you will get a 2 RR ( now please adjust your total if you don’t have the dentek coupons I listed)

 Transaction 4

buy one package of scott’s paper towels on sale for 5 dollars for 6 rolls

use in store coupon for 1 dollar off and then manf. coupon from the 10/23 inserts

you will need a small filler item. I am buying more gelatin.

Price will be 3.59 plus tax hand over 2 RR from transaction 3 pay 1.59 cents

You should now have…

4 things of toothpaste

2 packages of flossers

6 rolls of paper towels

3 boxes of geltain.

for right at ten dollars!

thanks.. http://www.thriftytexaspenny.com/ for the heads up on some deals!


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