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What is Community Helpings Produce Coop and what does it do?

We are a local group of volunteers that come together to order produce from local vendors for the many locations and participants in our produce coop. We are all volunteers and make no profit from participants.

Is there a commitment?

No, there are no commitments. Participants are welcome to order at any frequency they would like.

What is the cost? Are there any hidden fees?

The large assortment of fruits and vegetables currently costs $23.50. Participants purchase “a basket” of produce for $21.50. There is also a $1.50 delivery charge and there is currently a 50 cent fuel surcharge per order. Payment is made with your debit/credit card or an established PayPal account through the PayPal website. Taxes are built into the cost of the basket. ( I split mine with a friend)

What comes in a basket?

The contents of the basket change every delivery and depend on the produce pricing and availability. We strive to get a variety of produce at a good price. This way you get more for the money! Prices are much lower than typical grocery stores. Each basket contains enough produce to feed a family of four for about two weeks. ( I try and post what will be in the baskets each week)

Where does the produce come from?

The produce and extra items are all supplied by a local vendor. This same vendor supplies some of our local grocery stores and restaurants. All of our items are the freshest available and as the season permits, we support local farmers.

What are “extra” items?

There are many items offered through the vendor at discounted prices. The majority of these items are locally made and produced. Examples include: Eggs, Pizza Crusts, Tortillas, Wraps, Jams, Jellies, Salsa, Fruit Butters, Honey, Granola and Much Much More!!! These items are always a great value and we are helping to support the local community!

Where do I order? How does delivery work?

Participants order at and then the produce is delivered every two weeks to the different locations across the St. Louis and Metro East area (see below for current locations). Volunteers help sort the produce into equal baskets based on how many participants have purchased that particular week. Each location has a specific time frame that the baskets are them to be picked up by. For additional information, or to contact a group leader please check the website for the contact information specific to which group you are interested in.

What is the blue bag, and why do I need it?

The blue produce sorting bag is for your produce basket we ask that your purchase two. One for the current produce basket and the other for your next produce basket. One is kept with you and one is with the group leader to insure that you have your produce basket waiting for you at the time of pick up. They are $1 a bag and are for the produce basket only. We ask that you bring the bag you have with you each time you pick up your next basket so that they are in constant rotation. If you plan on purchasing more than one produce basket then you will need additonal bags.  

Current Illinois Locations:

Belleville, East Alton, Fairview Heights, Granite City, Highland,

Lebanon, Maryville, Mascoutah, O’Fallon, Okawville, Shiloh and Troy.

Current Missouri Locations:

Ballwin, Brentwood, Cedar Hill, Cottleville, Holly Hills, Imperial, Lafayette Park, Manchester, Maryland Heights, O’Fallon, O’Fallon (Twin Chimneys), Oakville, Pacific, Pheonix International, South County


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