This Sunday at Walgreens! 11/20


Sorry to say its not a great week at Walgreens..or maybe I am sleepy…

This is what I am buying

Transaction 1

Accu Check Machine avia  on sale for 14.99 mail in rebate in the box for 14.99

And walgreens will give you a 5 RR for buying it. After rebate 5 dollar money maker! (PAGE 23)

Transaction 2

Schick Hydro 5 razor use the 2 dollar off coupon from this Sunday’s SS 11/20

Sale 8.99 use 2 dollar off coupon brings price to 6.99 (page 18)

buy 1 container of tape  .49 cents with walgreens in ad coupon (PAGE 10)

Total 7.49 plus tax hand over 5 dollar RR from transaction 1 Pay 2.49 plus tax

get back 4 RR for buying the razor

Transaction 3

Now you can save your 4 dollar RR for black friday or

Buy hallmark wrapping paper buy 1 get 2 free for 1.99

Buy another container of tape for .49 cents

on page 14 there is an in ad coupon for mickey activity books 3 of them for 1.00

I plan on buying those and using them for stocking stuffers.

Plus two hot wheels on the same page for .49 cents with in ad coupon total will be 4.50 plus tax

hand over 4 dollar RR from transaction 2 pay 50 cents plus whatever your tax is.

So after you get your rebate back which takes about 2- 3 weeks.  you will have paid 3.00 out of pocket for everything!





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