How cute is this!!


Here’s a fun craft twist on a Christmas Countdown calendar… a Mini-Stocking Countdown!

Every year my boys look forward to counting down the days until Christmas, but this year I thought I’d change it up a bit!

I wasn’t sure what to do, but when I spotted these little stockings at Wal-Mart {$1.00 for a 4-pack}, here’s the fun, simple idea I had…

I used 3 yards of strong red cord, and some miniature clothespins… {from JoAnn’s craft store}

To number the stockings, I printed numbers from the computer, layered them with another circle in the back, and fastened to the stocking with a mini-brad.  You could also use puffy paint for numbering!

I thought it needed a little bling on the ends, so I clipped on a Christmas Poinsettia Hair Clip! ;)   {yep… it’s a hair clip, but that will be our little secret, mmm-kay??}   Go here for instructions on how to make Christmas Hair Clips.

Once you’re done, have fun filling each stocking with a little surprise!

To see a ton of other really cute things check out

I can’t wait to try this! photo and info credit from the


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