My transactions for Walgreens


Transaction 1

Accu Check Machine pg 31… 14.99 with a mail in rebate found inside the box. The rebate is for 14.99

Get back 10 RR for buying the accu check machine.

Transaction 2

Schick hydro razor 8.99 use 2 dollar off coupon found in the Sunday paper 12/4

total 6.99 get back 3 RR 

Dove mens Deodrant 3.99

Total 3.99 get back 3 RR

Total 11.00 dollar plus tax use 10 dollar RR from transaction 1 pay 1.00 plus tax

Get back 2 ) 3 dollar RRs

Transaction 3

You can use your RR for Stocking stuffers I am buying diapers

Walgreens diapers are 2/ 14 dollars I have the infant care booklet they put out this booklet in April. So finding it is not worth the work… I just don’t want you driving around search for the booklet that most walgreens stores have never heard of.

I will be using the 2.00 off coupon found in the booklet that will come off twice makeing the total price for the diapers 10.00 then I will had over my 2 3 dollar RR from transaction 2 and I will pay 4.00 dollars.

After you submit and get back the rebate you total out of pocket will be 5.00 for everything above! Pretty sweet I think considering I bought diapers!!!! 🙂

Don’t worry my readers that don’t have kiddos I will be posting a transaction list without diapers in it!


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