East alton alton and woodriver readers


Walgreens in East Alton has been open for some time..


550 W. St. Louis Ave

East Alton


(618) 258-0350

They have a coupon This week for 3.00 dollars off a Ten dollar Purchase. Its in a wrap around in the ad.

I am going to tell you how I made the most of that 3 dollars.  (coupon pictured below)

Walgreens is running a Special if you buy 10 dollars worth of Nice Products (THEIR WALGREENS BRAND)

So I bought cleaning supplies 10 dollars worth

2 bottles of bleach 4.00

2 bottles of cleaner 4.00

1 snack cake  1.00

1 4 pack of soda 1.00

Total 10.00 I used the 3.00 dollars off from the ad paid 7.00 dollars got back a 2 RR for buying 10 dollars worth of nice products.

Then Transaction 2

I bought 26 rolls of anglesoft tp for 10.00

and candybar used in ad coupon 39 cents

Total 10.39 plus tax used another 3 dollars off ten dollar purchase and the 2 RR I got from transaction 1  2nd transaction not pictured my phone died. But the possibilities are endless

Paid 5.39 plus tax.




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  1. they let you use the $3 coupon before you rr? they told me i had to use my rr first and still had to have my total above 10 before I used the coupon. also did you do 2 transactions in a row or go out to your car between trips?

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