If you don’t order your produce..


Here are my top picks at Aldi’s

A few quick tips if you have never shopped aldi’s you need a quarter for your cart don’t worry you will get it back.  And don’t forget bags.

Aldi’s doesn’t accept manf coupons 😦

Little Salad Bar Italian or Caesar Salad .79 per bag
Multi-Colored Peppers .99 per 13-oz pkg
Broccoli Crowns .69 per 14-oz pkg
Red Onions .49 per 2-lb bag
Mushrooms .69 per 8-oz pkg
Roma Tomatoes .69 per 20-oz pkg (thanks www.stlmommy.com)

I also noticed their Pasta items are on sale. I try and make one meat free meal a week.  And here is the recipe

Set your oven to 350

What you need..

1 package of four cheese ravioli

1 can of tom. sauce

1 cup of shredded cheese

Put all in a casserole dish cover with foil bake for 45 mins or so.. And you have a fab meal normally at my home we serve with bread sticks and salad.  This recipe makes enough for two batches so I just freeze one for a quick meal next week or make half the batch. I wish I had a yummy photo to show you but sadly I don’t


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