Jo Ann’s Fabric and craft store


So I was shopping at Jo Ann’s today for some supplies for more coupon purse. And I learned something new.. and I figured if I didn’t know that maybe you didn’t either.

Did you know that Joann’s Craft store accepts competitor coupons? They will take Michael’s AND Hobby Lobby coupons. As long as they are not printables. (so from the Sunday paper)

PLUS you can use multiple Joann’s coupons on one visit too. For example, you can use the Joann’s coupon from the Sunday paper, the Joann’s mailer coupon, and a Joann’s email coupon all on one visit! Plus you could use the competitor coupons also on the same visit. I used 6 coupons at one time  I love that…one stop shopping!  HOW EXCITEING! IS THAT!

Today I saved.. 29.88 by using coupons. I only spent less than 20.00 dolllars. Which is amazing! I try to keep the coupon purses low. I have seen similar purses sell for 50.00 plus. thats just CRAZY! anyway.. if you love JoAnn’s then save all those coupons! 🙂  Sign up for their e-mails.



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