My cvs trip


 Ok this trip wasn’t planned and the hubs was with me and he tend to be less frugal.. This trip came out of his pocket ( he has his own budget for the week) This didn’t come out of our household budget.

The juice is on sale bogo free there is a bogo free coupon on the ocean spray’s website making both free

I spent 15 dollars on cvs products so I received 5 dollars in ECB and I spent more the 30 on select products (the cool water) so I got back a 10 dollar cvs gift card.

I scanned my card at the magic coupon machine and received a coupon for 30 percent off my purchase (used on the cologne) And 3 dollar off 10 dollar beauty care purchase used that on the spend 15 on cvs products get 5 dollars in ECB and then I used my bogo free ocean spray coupon. I also had 3 dollars in ECB from last week.

total before coupons 68.00 total after 33.00 and I got back 15.00 dollars for next week.


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