My budget this past week..


I updated my post.. about spending 50.00 a week but I want to share just incase you don’t always click on that page.

My budget for the week of March 11th -17th

I should start this out with what budget? We went WELL over budget this week. I am human and did not plan accordingly. I did save close to 85 dollars this week using coupons but we still spent over 100 dollars on fast food and other items.  I didn’t meal plan etc.. So I am just being honest with you I am human to.. I was of course hurt at work so my life this week has been very different. Being in a neckbrace and flat on your back doesn’t allow much planning so my family and I just got by and thats ok. I have my plans for this coming week so no need to look back at my mistakes I am ready for tomrrow. How did you do?



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  1. I try to budget $100 a week for my large family if 6. As a family, we hit up SNS $10 off $50 and scored $353 worth of groceries for $120!!! Not too bad, I think! I try to stock up on sale and coupon match up items, so some weeks I spend less depending on how good the sales are. This was a great week for SNS!

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