Needing Easter meal Ideas?


Save-A-Lot, is giving us an idea on how to feed a family of four an Easter dinner – and dessert, too! – for as little as $10. Plus, if you sign up for Save-A-Lot’s Smart Shopper Club you will receive an additional $5 off of your $25 purchase!

Here’s what you can grab for your Easter Dinner from Save-A-Lot for around $10.

-Bone-in shank portion ham ($3.96 for 4 pounds @ $0.99/lb)
-National brand canned pineapple (1 can @ $0.99)
-Grissom’s Brown & Serve Rolls (1 package @ $0.79)
-Potatoes on the Side – au gratin or scalloped (1 package @ $0.79)
-Wylwood Farms Frozen Vegetables (1 package @ $0.99)
-Ginger Evans Cake Mix ($0.89) and frosting ($1.29)

TOTAL Cost of Save-A-Lot Easter Menu = $9.70

But if you have larger family than 4 you could feed twice as many for right at 20.00

So if you bought 4 hams one for easter and 3 to freeze..

Plus 3 packages of rolls (2 to freeze)

Plus 4 packages of vegs for a later date

And 3 cake mixes (which on great to have on hand ) and 1 frosting

Total is 26.13 before tax use the 5.00 off coupon from the Smart Shoppers Club.

Pay 21.13 before tax.



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