What I plan on purchasing at Walgreens on 3/30


Here’s a “Nice” deal on Trash Bags at Walgreens!

Nice! Trash Bags $5.29
Use in-ad Coupon for $2.99 (Will Deduct $2.30)
Also use $1/1 Nice Trash Bags Coupon in the March Walgreens Coupon Book
Final price: $1.99 each

This works out to be just $.07 per bag which is a great price!


I have a 4.00 RR

So I am buying

2  package of trash bags 10.58.. after coupons 3.98

6 pack charmin double roll tp 2.99 after coupons 2.74

and some 39 cents easter candy

using the trash bag coupon from the march coupon booklet..  and the in ad coupon use my 25 cent off pg charmin coupon use the 15 percent off coupon I posted below. I am hoping that the 15 percent comes off my charmin and the 20 percent comes off the trash bags since nice is a walgreens brand..

Which should take off  2 something..

total after all coupns and my RR (if my math is right lol )

5.11 and after my 4 RR

I should pay 1.11 oop Pretty SWEET I plan to go early I will let you know if it works.


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