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April Fools' Week Special - Order Now
10 Favorite Foolish Fiascos - Plus Free* 8x10 Canvas or $50 Off any size canvas and Free S&H**
1. Ugly Sweater 10. Cell Phone Bath - Create a Canvas
  Happy April Fools’ Week!
At CanvasPeople, we’re all about fun & what’s funny (at such a cool workplace, it’s hard not to fool around sometimes).There’s no better time than April Fools’ Week for sharing our all-time favorite foolish fiascos that have happened at the CP headquarters…Get ready for some fool-proof fun and a deal only a fool would pass up!

We Pity the Fool Who... 10. Drops her cell phone in the toilet (must have been a crappy conversation!) 9. Confesses at a job interview that he's just looking to get out of the house (just LIE!) 8. Brings her dog to the office and realizes he's been "watering" the flowers (and carpet, may we add) 7. Orders 1,500 ladybugs online to get rid of plant pests and causes and office infestation (now... what gets rid of ladybugs?) 6. Burns his microwave popcorn to such a crisp that the Fire Dept. is called in ("well-done" buddy) 5. Mindlessly chews on a plastic item on his desk only to learn it's a used cat toy (Nom!) 4. Orders a company logo canvas and leaves out one of the words in our name (Know your company's FULL name? Surprise officemates with something new) 3. Asks if his co-worker is in... 5 minutes after JUST speaking with her (was the convo THAT dull?) 2. Compliments her co-worker's awesome taste in style (zoinks... it's "Ugly Sweater Day!") 1. Doesn't tell our CanvasPeople members and fans about this HUGE April Deal... FREE 8x10* or $50 Off Larger Size and FREE Shipping**

We’re not foolin’! Our April Fools’ Week deal is real!
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