My trip to Shop n Save saved 65 percent!!!


SO as most of you know Today was spend 50 get 10 dollars off… And then of course the 5.00 dollar off coupon from the entertainment book.

So here is what I bought

5 gold peak teas 1.25 used .75 cent off coupon from

4 mio drink mixes used 4  1.00 off coupons from the 2/26 ss (also for buying 4 drink mixes I received a 3.00 cpn for the next transaction)

16 diet pepsi 2 litters 1.25 each used 16 55 cent off coupons from 3/18 SS (received a 5.00 dollar cpn for my next transaction for buying 20 dollars worth of select items and pepsi was one of those items) ( I have a few things I am hosting coming up so these will come in handy)

2 package of Hawaiian sweet rolls 2.50  each.. used 2) 1.00 cpn from manf website

6 pancake pouches 90 cents used buy 2 get one free coupon from

and a 8.98 Ham

Grand total 59.37 take off 10.00 in store coupon.. take off 5.00 entertainment coupon and all my coupons.. I had 39 🙂

New total 24.74 and I got back 8.00 dollars for the next transaction.

Put my stuff in the car and went back in.. Round 2

I bought 2 containers of strawberries 1.98

2 packages of dessert cups things 1.18

and 2 containers of potato salad 2.00

total 8.32 used my 8.00 dollars in coupons paid 32 cents!

I saved 65 percent!!!



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