YA! Its 10.00 off Thursday Again..


Sadly its not a great week..

But there are some pretty good deals.. but not as great as last week.

My list..

Corn 3/98 cents.  Buying 6 1.96

Tyson Rost. Chicken 5.98

16 oz pork susage 2.68

3 ragu pasta sauces (in ad coupon) 3.00

shop n save cinnmmaon rolls 1.78

green giant boil in bag vegs 5 packages 5.00

apple juice 1.66

mac and cheese 4 boxes .44 cents

orange juice 3.88

3 cans of bushes bake beans 5.00

(total so far 32.70) I am thinking of spending the diffence of 17.30 of meat. Our frezzer looks a tad empty.  🙂

This is not a great coupon week for Shop n Save but.. it is a great week to plan your meals out around whats on sale trying to keep your total around 50.00 then getting 10.00 off and then 5.00 dollars off if you have the entertainment book coupon. Making your total 35.00 dollars. Which is still a great price! 🙂 Print a menu planning sheet from

—>http://www.mommytracked.com/downloads  Super simple lookat the ad online and plan your meals around what is on sale.. Shop your own pantry FIRST!! Happy Shopping!


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