My shopping list for walgreens. For Sunday 5/6


Transaction 1

Lanacane Maximum Strength Anti-Itch Cream 5.00

Mitchum deodorant 1.99

Use Mitchum 1.00 off coupon from

Total 6.00 get back 5 RR and 1RR

Trans 2

Witch Hazel (it’s a cleanser.. I wasn’t sure lol) 4.00

Complete multi purpose solution (comes with a free contact case) 7.99

Use 1 off cpn for the solution found in 4/29 SS

Purchase 3 hunt tomato sauces use in ad cpn pg 3 1.00

Total 11.99 use cpns and RR from Trans 1 Total 5.99

Get back 4.00 RR and a 8.00 RR

Trans 3

Cottonell 12 pack tp 5.00

use walgreens cpn booklet 1.00 off  making it 4.00

Jet dry 3.49 use 50 cent off cpn found on manf website —->

Making the jet dry 3.00

1) Yardley Shower gel 1.99

Use 1 cpn found in 5/6ss

Hamburger buns .99 cents

2) Colgate toothpaste 2 for 6.00 use 2 50 cent off cpns from 4/29 ss

Grand Total 13.98

Hand over all cpns and RR’s from trans 2 New total 1.99 Get back 1.50 RR for buying the jet dry and 2.00 RR for purchasing the Colgate

You could stop here.. Total OOP.. 13.98 total in pocket 3.50 in RR

Or you could do a 4th transaction

First cleanse 18.00 (18.00 mail in rebate details in store)

body wash Yardley 1.99

Use 1.00 off cpn 5/6 ss

Then hand over RR from trans 3

Total 16.48 then submit the 18.00 Rebate.



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