Ways to Save at Lowes..


We are currently during a ton of yard work.. This is our first spring/summer in our home. And since it was a forclosure.. it needs a ton of outside help.

How I am saving on our lowes purchases…

 Buy $100 in participating gift cards in a single transition (between 5/13 – 5/26), Get a $10 Catalina Coupon good on your next shopping trip! This is at Shop n Save till the 26th of May

We plan on spending the money at lowes anyway.. So why not get 10 dollars in Free grocery’s .. Another great way to save is Lowes coupons.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/12-Lowes-10-off-Coupons-Exp-Aug-15th-Good-at-Home-Depot-and-Menards-too-/270981062598?pt=US_Coupons&hash=item3f17badfc6… Buying 10 percent off coupons from Ebay..

So here is how the savings stacks up.. If I spend 100.00 dollars at Lowes.. (which my husband has no problem doing)

He uses the coupon for 10 percent off from e-bay… saving 10 dollars and then By purchasing the giftcard.. from shop n Save we Saved 10 dollars in grocery’s.. So a savings on 20.00 dollars for not much work.. Sounds like a great deal to me!

Gift Cards included (according to the ad) Lowes  Kohls Barnes & Noble iTunes Starbucks  Subway (you can mix and match, but you must buy $100 in a single transaction! If you plan to multiply this deal (meaning you are going to buy $200 or more, do them in separate transactions) Thanks www.savingmoneyinmissouri.com


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