Its no Coupon Thursday.. At Shop n Save..


I have a ten dollar off coupon.. for purchasing my lowes gift card.. I mentioned the details a few posts down.  Then I have 5 dollar off coupon.. from the entertainment book. Then.. the 10 dollars insantly instore for spending 50.00 dollars.. I think I can do some damage this week.  SO I am saving 25.00 dollars before ANY coupons..

I will update this post with my list and what I am buying.. Nolan just woke up from his nap.


What I plan on buying.. Mostly stock up items..

4) sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce .84 cents each

2) kens ranch salad dressing 1.00 each

2) velvetta shells and cheese 2 for 4.00

4) kool aid jammers 1.88 each  (using .75 cent off cpn from 5/6 SS)

2 kraft singles 2 for 4.00 (using 2 .55 cent off cpn’s from 5/6 SS)

2 nabisco crackers 2 for 4.00 using 1.00 off 2 from

2 kraft salad salad dressing kits 1.67 using 1.00 off 2 from the 5/20 SS

10 jars of Rague sauce 1.67 each ( save 5.00 instantly at checkout for buying 10 unilever products) Many to choose from I just need staple stuff

10 poweraide drinks 1.00 each (save 5.00 instantly for buying 10 poweraids coupon in store) should be at checkout

Grand Total before any coupons.. 52.92

Store savings.. 10 dollars for spending 50 or more dollars. 5.00 dollars off for buying 10 poweraid 5.00 dollars off for buying 10 unilever products (the sauce) then handing over my 5.00 dollar 0ff 50 dollar purchase coupon from the entertainment book. Then my 10 dollar off coupon for buying a 100 dollars lowes gift card.. (posted the info below) Then my manf coupons.

New total 14.07  pay 14.07 get back 5.00 dollars for my next instore purchase for buying 10 or more kraft items.

Head to the car put my items away… run back in.

Trans 2

buy 10 poweraids.. 10.00 save 5.00 instanly then use the 5.00 dollar coupon from buying 10 kraft items.  just pay sales tax.

Less than 15.00 dollars for 70 dollars worth of groceries.. 🙂





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