What is Shop at home.com?


I had an e-mail asking me WHAT IS SHOPATHOME.COM


When it comes to shopping on-line, I am always looking for the best way to save money (of course)

I know many of you haven’t ever signed up or even really checked into because you simply aren’t sure how the site works and/or what it is really about. I thought I’d just take a minute and give everyone a quick rundown to hopefully answer some of your questions.

ShopAtHome.com is a site that really works hard to help you save (and make) money when you are shopping on-line. The first thing I love to share about them is that you can get paid to shop. Yes — imagine that — getting PAID to spend money!

The way it works is that before you ever begin any on-line shopping trip, you log into your ShopAtHome.com account. You then do a quick search for the store where you will be shopping. Once that store comes up in your search, you will learn how much cash back you will make on your purchase (keep in mind that the cash back is based upon post sales/coupons and before shipping/handling charges). You then click the link to start shopping. It is just that simple!! Within a few days after your purchase is complete, you will see a credit in your account.

Of course, you won’t only find cash back offers, you can also find some great on-line shopping deals and codes as well. when you bring up the merchant, you can look through the current offers to find the one that will save you the most money. You click that link to activate the code and again shop as usual!

The other thing I love is that they offer is a $5 sign up bonus. This money is instantly placed into your account. Then, as long as you make a purchase through ShopAtHome.com within 30 days of signing up, you will get to keep this amount. So, that means if you don’t complete your purchase, the $5 will go bye-bye after 30 days.

I know many ask, well, when will I get my balance paid to me? Once you hit $20 in your cash back account, you will get a nice check mailed to you. Yes – an actual check. Not a gift card. Not a reward. It is really cash that is paid back to you directly.

If you haven’t yet check out ShopAtHome.com, you really should. I’ve given you some great tips, but make sure that you check out their FAQs page to answer any more questions you might have. And the great thing is that if you have even MORE questions, you can contact them directly and they are more than happy to help you.

à Click here to start Shopping! http://www.shopathome.com/?IAFCG=eDnz1jyQg9LMmcB2FfnZRQ

We have 6 months till christmas… this would be a great money-maker to help pay for Christmas 🙂


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