Wow 3!!


Wow three can it really be? Nolan! Goodness you have come a super long way… We started speech and developmental therapy in Oct of 2011. You have made many many strides. You now say sentences. You are potty trained. ( execept and accident one or two times here and there) You do not say baby blondy any more (Nolan’s word for Elephant) I love that your ear’s are fixed (by tubes) A few great things you are doing other than being completely amazin’

Funny words..

Mom get real tall ( when you want me to stand up)

Mom I am real tall (when I ask you if you are a big kid or a baby)

You ask me a hundred times a day… What you doooooiiiing… (sounds just like I spelled it)

You love swiming

You will be starting preschool soon. I can’t believe it. I am excited and a little scared. ( for me not you.. you will do wonderful)

You are sooo SMART.

A few words I say to you every night before you fall alseep… You are smart.. You are handsome and you are ……… MY BABY! You love those words.. most of the time you ask me to say them again.

I have soo many hopes and dreams for you! I can’t wait to see whats in store for your future… I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU!!!!

A few things you are into these days.. Transformers.. dino’s.. You still love trains.  I hope that you are enjoying your life as much as I am rasing you!

Love you buddy..  Happy 3rd b-day!!!

If you want to read the past posts about Nolan.. ( about the birth) 6 month update 9 month update update 1 year 2 years


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