Shop N save .. no coupon thursday 7/13 and my meal plan


A few deals I spotted. It’s a slow week at Shop n Save!

If you buy 2)24 packs of Dasani water 3.88 each you get 8 pack of Poweraide for Free (check at the register should be automatic)

3) packages of poptarts 2.50 each ( If you spend 10 dollars on select Kellogg’s product you can submit a 5.00 Rebate) You can pick up the rebate at Customer Service.)

Use the 1/3 coupon for the pop tarts found in 6/24 RP

and Kellogg’s Krave Cereal 2.68

Use .70/ 1 Krave coupon found in 7/9 RP

Whole or cut up chicken  is 98 cents a lb ( I plan on buying 5lbs)

Shop n Save items..

Ketchup .82 cents

eggs 1.58

apple Juice 1.66 ( I am buying 2)

Cheese 2.24

Cinnamon Rolls 1.73

Biscuits 1.38 ( I am buying 2)

pork Sausage 2.68

Cat Fish 3.98 a lb (I am buying 2lbs)

Beef round steak 2.98lb (I am buying 2lbs)

Hunters smoked Sausage 1.48

My total will be 51.99

minus 10 off 50 for spending 50 dollars on thursday


then minus 5.00 dollars off from the entertainment book 36.99

Then Minus my 2 coupons adding up to 1.70

35.29 out of pocket. I plan on submitting the 5.00 rebate for buying 10 dollars worth of Kellogs products Making my total 30.29 after the rebate.

not a great trip… But stocking up on meat.. The meals I plan on making with these items are

I don’t include vegs.. as I just add whatever we are in the mood for

Sunday- Chicken and Dumplings (crockpot)

Monday-  Left overs from Sunday

Tuesday- Smoked Sausage and noddles

Wednesday – Leftovers from Tuesday

Thursday- Homemade pizza night (using the sausage)

Friday-  Breakfast for dinner

Saturday- Yo Yo – your on your own!



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