Transaction set up for Walgreens. Deals start 7/15 (a little different)


HI! I am doing something a little different.. I am buying all my deals first then using the RR’s to purchase School Supplies to donate. So here.. is what I came up with. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am going to tell you what to buy and which coupons to hand over.. Items first coupons second.

Trans 1

Buy 3) Suave body washes 2.00 Each

Buy 2) packages of den teck flossers 2.00 Each

Buy 2) Eos lip Balm’s 3.00 Each

Hand over..

Use (2) $0.75 off ONE (1) Suave Body Wash (Limit 2 Per Transaction)
-Use (1) $0.50 off ONE (1) Body Wash Product

Use (2)  .50/1 den teck coupon (6/10 SS)

Total.. After coupons 13.00 (plus your tax)

Get back 2.00 RR for buying the Suave.. 2.00 RR for buying the den teck flossers and 4.00 RR for buying the eos lip balm.

total in RR’s  8.00

Trans 2

pencil sharpener .39 cents each

2) 8 pack no 2 pencils .39 cents each

6) 1 subject notebooks .49 cents each

walgreens tissue purchase the 184 sheet count use in ad cpn .99 cents

6) 2 pocket folders for 1.00 use in ad coupon

1) 24 pack of crayons crayola 1.99 each

1) pack of high lighters bic 1.00 each

Total 8.61 have over all 3 RR’s Pay .61 cents

Doing it this way takes  a little less time.. in the store ( less transactions)

Total out of pocket 14.00 Grand total for the items.. before coupons and store sales 32.00 Savings of 18.00 dollars


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