Giveaway! (these make GREAT gifts)


Good Morning!!! How about a giveaway!

Sounds good to me. I need a few things.. for you to enter.. Please comment on this post telling me your best money saving secret!

Thats it I will draw and winner in one week! Good Luck!

How cute are these? Please message Kristina Warren Toles on  Facebook if you would like to order! She has a ton of options! She does ship anywhere in the US.  Bags are..  30.00 she can put the name or saying on it for extra money.. The bottom  picture is the giveaway. But the others are a just a few options.   I love the bride one.. I am thinking that would be a great option to fill with coupon goodies for a bride’s honeymoon. OR.. The bride’s new last name.  I also think I may order a few with disney fabric for a few special girls. The sky is the limit here.. Dance class, cheerleading, diaper bag, bridemaid’s gifts, baby shower gift. I could go on and one! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. My best money saving tip is organization! Having my coupons organized and my list of items I need handy makes it easy to go through the sale ads on Sunday and find the best deals!

    • I buy my flowers for scrapbooking at the dollar tree and walmart. What I do is buy their silk flowers by the bunch. Walmart has some really pretty ones for 99 cents. They are really easy to get off they just pull off. Then I can make my flowers in different sizes and mix the colors and use brads to hold them together. For less then $5 I can get tons of flowers and my flowers on my pages even have leaves on some of them. They are also so much prettier then the ones that are made for scrapbooking.

  2. I plan my meals out for 3 weeks. After I go to the store, I prepare and freeze it. Ready made meals, so no excuse to eat out!

  3. I am pretty new to the coupon thing. i am watching the ads for things i.need to go on sale. i dont buy the expensive brands unless it is a savings. i am reading and comparing labels alit more.

  4. My best money savings tip is Target Coupons!!! You can use a Target coupon along with a Manufacturer’s Coupon. It saves me a ton of money. Watch for the clearance items and use both of those and it scores me a lot of freebies and also the $5 gift card promotions are great too!

  5. My money saving tip is Target Coupons! So many people don’t know that you can use Target Coupons along with Manufacturer Coupons. It saves me a ton of money especially when I find those clearance items to use them on. I get lots of freebies this way. Also the $5 gift card promotions are good too!

  6. Before I make a purchase online, I always Google for a coupon code. I’ve got anything from free shipping on toys to 40% off prints.

  7. Im just starting out being at home with my son and two nieces during the day so I am new to couponing and sale checking. Being an impulse shopper, my biggest tip for saving money is making a list and sticking to it! If its not on my list its not being looked at and definitely not being put in the cart!!

  8. I shop the sales papers and coupons. I also shop sales racks, internet (ebay). wherever I can get a deal and save money.

  9. Planning and organization! If I go shopping without a list (and designated coupons!) I am bound to buy things I didn’t intend on getting in the first place. Making dinner plans ahead of time enables me to not buy as much on the fly.

  10. My best saving tip is just to cruise the ads and get the items you got coupons for when there on sale you save even more!

  11. I always shope the clearance racks. Im buying summer items for my granddaughter now for next year. I get things for a few dollars. I also get baby items there is always someone having a baby that way you will have shower gifts and you dont have to pay alot.

  12. My best money saving tip shop clearance in store and online also use coupons and yard sales! Love my shopping and always find the cheapest and best deals I can! With my 1year old son growing so fast no since in paying high dollar for stuff he will be grown out of in a couple months.

  13. save up on coupons and shop weekly to save as much money as I can when grocery shopping or just shopping for house supplies. a penny saved is a penny earned and those coupons come in very handy, i also do alot of shopper saving since alot of places do price matching now days!!! that comes in way super handy and saves alot of money.

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