Deals Starting at Walgreens on Sunday 7/29…3.50 money maker!


There are some great deals.. minus the fact most of them  become free with a Mail in Rebate. I didn’t see many RR deals in the ad. Hopefully this MIR (mail in rebate ) deal will not last long.  When you do the  rebatesand  put it on a Walgreens Gift Card you will get an extra 10 percent. Here is what I came up with.

I am just doing one transaction

1) allegra 6.99 using 2.00 of cpn from the 7/29 paper

1) cortaid 2.99

1) vital t Aid ( this is a testrone booster) I am thinking it would make a great FREE gag gift 20.00

1) med tape 6.99

Total after allegra 2.00 off coupon 35.00 before tax

Mail in Allegra MIR (found in the sunday paper) Value 5.00

Mail in Cortaid MIR Value 2.99

Mail in vital t aid MIR Value 20.00

Mail in Med Tape MIR Value 6.99

If you have all these rebates put on a Walgreen Gift card. You will get back 35.00 dollars from the mail in rebates and 3.50 extra for putting on a walgreens card.

Making the above purchase a 3.50 Money MAKER!!!

I am guessing these are Walgreens MIR which will be found in store or will print after buying the right product. Walgrens MR tend to come back pretty quickly never longer than a few weeks for me.  🙂


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