sorry I am late getting this up.. My list for Walgreens


Trans 1

Lipton Ice Tea .99 cents

Renew life 2 day diet pill 10.00

Total 11.00 Get back 99 cent RR (for the Tea) and 10 dollar RR for the diet pills

Trans 2

Lancane with aloe 6.00

Carmex Healing lotion 4.99

Use $1.00 off Any Carmex Skin Care Item

ajax dish soap .89 cents

Total 11.07 use 99 cent and 10.00 RR from trans 1

Pay 7 cents Get back 4 RR for buying the carmex and 6 dollar RR for buying the lancane

Trans 3

Tampons (walgreens brand) 1.50

Lipton tea .99 cents

Oj 1.99

chicken noodle soup .59 cents ( I am buying 2)

Hillshire grilled chicken breast 2 for 6.00 dollars

Total 11.66

Use 4 dollar RR from trans 2 and 6 dollar RR from Trans 2

Pay 1.66 Get back .99 cent RR for the tea and 1.50 RR for the tampons.

Total oop 12.84 Total amount in RR for next week 2.49

Thats less than a 1.00 for each item! Retail value 35.50


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