Thanks for stopping by my site, My name is Kadie.. My last name is not coupon even though some people joke that it is. I have an adorable son.  My “REAL” job is at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in nursing and I love what I do.  I love running my site and sharing the great deals I discover with others. Please take a look around and e-mail me if there is something that you are looking to save money on. Thanks for the support. Have a wonderful day!

***If you would like to contact me for anything at all please  e-mail me couponkadie@yahoo.com

or find me on facebook under couponkadie


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  1. My husband was your server at chilis, I cut coupons too..lol.. Thanks for giving him your site info, I found it really interesting and informative. I’ve never shopped target or wal-greens but I think I may be now. Thanks and keep up the good work, for in these hard times every dollar, every cent counts. Deb

    • hey,
      Deb I am hosting a coupon class.. thanks for the comment.. and please visit often. I hope to have the site up and going with many new posts once the new year starts. Please find me on facebook or e-mail me if you are interested in my class thanks again!

  2. I would love to take a coupon class! Do you have them in Indiana or Northern, Ky.? I’d even be willing to pay for a one on one class. Please let me know. Thank’s

  3. hi, i enjoyed your class last night at Pizza Hut! I learned some great things that I will put into use soon I hope! Thanks

  4. Kadie,

    Are you the Kadie in the “Edge” article? Do you have an “open to the public” class at a local library or some place? I’m not sure I have the right Kadie. I thought you were a “stay-at-home” mom.


  5. Hey there Kadie! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. So you would be proud of me, I have really started getting into, well, BACK into, couponing…I especially LOVE the printable coupons…WHICH brings me to a question I have for you oh knower of the deals…do you know of any or where I could look for deals/discounts for printer ink and/or paper? Talk to you soon!


  6. coupon kadie. I was at a class you had in st peters a few days ago. I have been visiting your site and cant find anywhere where you may have what your abbreviations mean. Help! I have no idea what rr pg ss means…. etc

  7. Hi, Kadie!

    I attended your class in Imperial on Monday evening. I thought you said you had a FB page…I’ve been trying to find it but so far, no luck. Do you have one or am I recalling a memory that only I am able to remember? lol


  8. Hey Kadie,
    I took your class a couple weeks ago at Angie’s house. I was able to stop at walgreens on the way home and get some deals…..but our walgreens will only let you get one item if it is one that gives register rewards back, I was bummed. Wouldn’t let me do multiple transactions either. I was trying to get 4 of the things I wanted and would use. Have you had that problem? It doesnt state limit one per item in the ad. It does state limit one coupon printed per offer. So….offer means? The young girl at our local walgreens wasnt very nice at all. She told me I couldn’t use a reward because I had used my limit on coupons.. I told her I most certainly can. I just need to buy a pencil. One of the ones on sale in the ad. So I gave her the pencil. Of course she didnt use the code for the pencil and it charged me full price for it. I told her I need that fixed. I felt like she thought I was stealing. She wasn’t a new employee either. I’ve seen her in the store before when I’ve shopped.

  9. Yes.. some stores are limiting transactions I am sorry this happen to you. I would choose a different store. But what you discribed above you did nothing wrong. I really hate when consumers like yourself are trying to save money and cashiers are less than friendly becuase without the customer there wouldn’t be the need for cashiers. Please e-mail at couponkadie@yahoo.com if you have anymore questions thanks! -Kadie

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