First I want to thank you for attending my class.. Without support I don’t have a business so THANK YOU!
A great resource. how to use a coupon database

meal planning (laundry soap) homemade baby wipes  (price list what to pay for items print this and keep in your binder) (order your produce) Great brain storming… sheet plan your meals for the month

a GREAT site..

anything else please leave me a comment!


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your tips and experiences with us. I really enjoyed the class and I can’t wait to start saving more. I thought I was doing good just using the coupons but I needed someone to show me how to use them so I could save even more. Thank you for that! I don’t know how much I will save since I have a family of nine but I’m sure gonna try.

    Thank you,

    Laura Goodrich

  2. I’m confused by what you mean by “hip” price. Could you please explain that to me?

    Thanks a bunch,

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